It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. It’s that or existential dread. I choose the other thing. Besides, it’s a grand tradition over here at NAG Online, you know. We’ve been doing it for two hundred years weeks now, including this one. Be a part of history.

Also, that image up top is just for lols. Does anybody even care about Half-Life 3 anymore? I guess we’ll find out.

I’ll go first.

Black & White. Okay, it’s already got a sequel, but let’s pretend it hasn’t, because it was actually kind of rubbish. And it’s not like the first game was without its problems – too much micromanagement, somewhat ambiguous and unreasonably onerous objectives, and a lack of meaningful interaction with the world’s (frequently abused, I’ll confess it) inhabitants were perhaps the most egregious offenders – but there was something so extraordinary, so uniquely innovative, so… empowering about it. I miss drowning disobedient worshippers in the sea, and unleashing lightning storms on the kiddies creche when I was displeased with the harvest. I mean, yes, technically I burned most of that too, but only because the people kept praying for more food, and I wanted teach them an important lesson about self-determination. Being a god is complicated like that.


You’ll thank me later.

Obligatory special mention: Alan Wake. Because yes, please.

Your turn!

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