Battlefield’s official account tried to get #justWW1things trending, came off as tasteless idiots


Games marketing can often be a wonderful thing. We’re treated to teasers that get the blood flowing, new information that gets us talking, and trailers that grip us by the important bits and beat us with the hype-stick until we’re nothing but quivering masses of excitement. Yes, sometimes games marketing gets things very right. This is not one of those times.

If you happened to be on Twitter yesterday, you may have come across this little gem #justWW1things. The tag was used in a couple of tweets promoting Battlefield 1 alongside animated GIFs, one of which showed a soldier using a flamethrower to kill other soldiers, while the tagline “when you’re too hot for the club” flashes on-screen. The tweets have since been removed, but you can find some handy screenshots below.

Battlefield 1‘s campaign seems to take on a very serious tone throughout and considering its setting, that was definitely a smart choice. Which is why these next two tweets by the official Battlefield account (deleted not too long after going live, but screenshotted by user Holly Nielsen) came off as extremely distasteful and just not very well thought out.

It’s all rather cringeworthy stuff and was almost instantly met with a fair amount of criticism. Because of course it was.

After removing the tweets, Battlefield sent out yet another tweet, this time explaining that they didn’t mean any offence and that they’re super sorry, you guys.

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