Okay. Breathe, Tarryn. Breathe. Okay. So, this is a “maybe” for now BUT IT HAD BETTER BE REAL but according to some pre-BlizzCon artwork accidentally dropped on the company’s website (and since removed, obviously), the Diablo II‘s Necromancer is being resurrected for Diablo III. Resurrected. Get it? Resurrected. Because Necromancers are all about resurrecting stuff.

One of these days, Dane is going to hang me for these stupid puns. But it’s cool because the Necromancer will resu-


According to a report over on PCGamesN, the artist is John Mueller, who’s been working at Blizzard since the start of this year. He’s not officially attached to any one project for now, so this could theoretically be something to do with Heroes of the Storm, perhaps, and nothing whatsoever to do with Diablo. BUT. It’s Diablo‘s 20-year anniversary. And everybody knows the Necromancer is the best ever Diablo class. Everybody!

I guess we’ll find out this weekend.

… Oooooh, what if it’s Diablo IV? Please let it be Diablo IV.


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