Routine deviates from silence to launch release date trailer


Say, remember when Greenlight first launched? Those halcyon days when you could buy a game complete at launch and it cost around half of what it does now? When pre-orders weren’t selling you the launch date a day early at a premium? Recall Routine? That Greenlight debutante from Lunar Software in 2012 that wowed everyone with its promise of horror mixed with unique, retroesque ’80s-style sci-fi visuals, before Sega went ahead with Alien: Isolation two years later, wowing everyone with its retroesque, ’80s-style sci-fi visuals and actual, alien horror.

If you do, then you’ll be pleased — well, not with the incomplete games or pre-order thing — that Routine has shown some signs of life in the form of a release trailer, which at least gets a grudging nod for its subtle references. If you’d prefer your Alien: Isolation with more isolation and less Alien, hit the jump for the trailer, then set your cryostasis countdown for March 2017, when it will release and not be unfairly compared with other games which will not be mentioned ALIEN: ISOLATION SOMA.

Source: Twitter

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