Check out Project Wight, a different sort of monster game


Over the past few years, there have been more and more games that let you play as the monster. Evolve, Dying Light, and Dead by Daylight all offer a different perspective on things by casting players as the creatures they would traditionally kill. Project Wight, a new title by Stockholm-based developers The Outsiders, looks to offer a similarly different take on the monster genre.

Instead of being an asymmetrical multiplayer game, Project Wight is a solo experience that casts you as a monstrous (but intelligent) creature in the late Viking era. Your kind has nearly been wiped out by pesky humans, and it’s time for revenge / Viking snacks. You start as a young monster, having to rely on stealth and speed to escape the humans. Survive childhood, and your adolescent monster has powers such as gliding, heightened speed and strength, with no qualms about reducing the Vikings to meat salad.

In an interview on Kotaku, the developers say the game is still a long way from completion, but they hope to show more in the near future. The aesthetic and unique take on the genre definitely adds it to my “one to watch” list. In case you’re wondering, the term “wight” can refer to either a sentient being, or some kind of ghostly creature.