Pokémon GO is getting daily bonuses and missions

According to a post on the Pokémon GO blog, a new set of daily bonuses and quests will be added in the mobile game soon. If you’re still trying to catch ’em all, the bonuses will reward daily participation, and will grant larger rewards if you keep at it for seven days straight. Hit the jump to see what diligent trainers can earn.

The bonuses reward one of two actions: catching a Pokémon, or visiting a PokéStop. The blog post details that catching a Pokémon every day earns you 500 XP, and 600 Stardust. I have no idea what either of those mean, because the game is incompatible with my current smartphone. Anyway, capturing a Pokémon every day for seven days in a row gets you 2,000 XP, and 2,400 Stardust.

Visiting a PokéStop daily gets players 500 XP and, to quote the blog, “a number of additional items”, whatever that means. Completing a seven-day streak awards players 2,000 XP and “a greater number of additional items”. Oddly, there aren’t any rewards that encourage battles, and those form a central part of Pokémon GO gameplay.

The blog post doesn’t give a concrete launch date for the bonuses, only a vague “coming soon”. Still, hopefully this addition will breathe life back into the game, which has fallen in popularity over the past few months.

Source: Pokémon GO Blog