Shocker! Watch Dogs 2 has a season pass, here’s what’s in it


Remember when buying a game got you everything?” Respawn remembers, which is why Titanfall 2 won’t have a season pass. What does that have to do with Watch Dogs 2? Well, nothing really, I just thought I’d mention it. Moving on.

Yes, obviously Watch Dogs 2 will be getting a season pass. The pass includes the usual: more story missions adding “several hours” of content, new outfits and vehicles, as well as more customisation items, and additional modes to make co-op more challenging. Sound good? Good, now hit the jump for more details and a trailer.

NAG Online’s chicken supreme supreme ruler Dane spent some time getting to know Watch Dogs 2 in his hands-on impressions, and he seems to think it’s the dog’s pyjamas. Get it, because Watch Dogs? I’m hilarious.

Anyway, Ubisoft has released a video showcasing most of what’ll be included in the season pass, but here it is in glorious text form anyway courtesy of the video’s description:

  • DLC 1: T-Bone Content Bundle. Get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker T-Bone Grady with his truck and outfit, and discover a new co-op difficulty mode.
  • DLC 2: Human Conditions. Hack your way through several hours of additional mission content in three new World Stories, and uncover San Francisco’s biggest scientific scandals.
  • DLC 3: No Compromise. Experience an all-new World Story which mixes Marcus up in the seedy underbelly of San Francisco – and gets him in the crosshairs of the Russian Mafia. Also includes a new co-op mode.

The T-Bone Content Bundle is the only one of the three major packs with a solid release date, that being 13 December for PS4, and one month later on other platforms.

Two other content packs will also be included in the pass. The first is something called the Root access bundle, which comes with more clothes, vehicle, drone, and gun things, and the Zodiac Killer mission to top it off . A more colourful collection of content comes in the form of the Psychedelic Pack, which includes groovy customisation options for guns, clothes, cars, and drones. They’ll both be available on launch day.

The season pass is included with the game’s Gold Edition which will cost you around R1199 on Steam, or you can pick it up as a standalone for $39.99 (roughly R537.50).

Watch Dogs 2 is headed to PS4 and XBO on 15 November, while PC players will have to wait until 29 November.