This National Geographic documentary about climate change is like the opening cinematic for a post-apocalyptic video game


Forget zombies, aliens, and Middle Russiastan’s secret nuke program. You know how the world is going to end? Probably a supervolcano. But if it’s not that, it’s going to be the long term effects of climate change – global flooding, droughts, and mutant megasharks. Okay, I made up the part about mutant megasharks, but with all that extra water in the sea contaminated with toxic industrial sludge, it’s not entirely implausible.

Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, National Geographic’s new documentary Before the Flood examines this incipient apocalypse with supporting evidence from scientists, researchers, and people living in parts of the world already troubled by climate change.

“I just want to know how far we’ve gone, how much damage we’ve done, and if there’s anything we can do to stop it,” he explains. Spoilers! Too far, a lot more than you’d think, and… maybe. Although mutant megasharks would be kind of rad.

It’s available to watch for free on YouTube until 6 November, and it’s not like whatever you’re doing at work is more important than the end of the world.