Battlefield 1 is getting Hardcore servers, map changes, a new custom game mode, and more


I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy Battlefield 1. Then it came out, everybody else was going on and on about it, and I bought it anyway. I’m almost as bad at keeping promises as I am at Battlefield 1, but I’m a Rush junkie so whatever.

Now developer DICE has outlined its future plans for the game, including a “major update”, a Battlefest event, and a free map, so my flimsy principles are totally vindicated.

Hardcore servers totally aren’t my thing, but they’re apparently being deployed “soon”, according to a post on the Battlefield 1 blog, and starting on 16 November, a Battlefest event will add “new activities, including log-in rewards, a livestream, a unique Battlepack revision, community missions, and much more” to the mix. The game’s first official custom game mode Fog of War is expected to launch at the same time.

“In this unique Team Deathmatch experience, you will be challenged by limited sight as you’re fighting in fog with the mini-map and soldier name tags turned off,” explains the blurb. “You’ll find Official Custom Games in the Battlefield 1 Multiplayer menu.”

One of the incoming supply drops also includes a Suez map expansion in Conquest from three to five capture points “to make the matches more balanced and the map size more fitting”, plus one additional armoured vehicle at base “to give dominated teams a better chance to quickly get across the map and capture a control point behind enemy lines”, and in December, the new Giant’s Shadow map will be available as a free download to all Battlefield 1 game owners. Huzzah!

Scheduled to drop sometime this month, the “major update” features adjustments to “matchmaking and server balancing” and a number of otherwise unspecified “tweaks and improvements”.