Giblets: Updates on Windows 10 will soon be smaller and smarter

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

One of the pains of running Windows is that the updates that fix other updates that fix bugs aren’t cumulative. They don’t add on to each other as needed, instead replacing the older files entirely. Thankfully, this will soon come to an end for Windows 10 desktop and mobile users. A recent blog post by the Windows development team talks about introducing a new, unified update platform, which allows them to target specific systems that accept and work with updates readily, as well as cumulatively install updates, rather than replace old files.

The savings contribute to download sizes that are up to 35% smaller, as well as significant battery life and performance improvements because devices running Windows 10 won’t spend as much time looking for new updates as they have in the past. The new system also changes how update notifications are served to devices, which translates to less time spent waiting while “searching for updates” ticks on endlessly. Unfortunately, this functionality isn’t coming to Windows 7 or 8.1 machines, but will be the standard update system for Windows OSes moving forward.

Source: Windows blog

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