Hearthstone’s next expansion is called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan


Back in 2014, I was hopelessly addicted to Hearthstone. It’s legitimately fun to play (you know it’s good when Chris says so), but somewhere along the line I stopped playing for a while, and I haven’t been able to get back into it since.

Anyway, Blizzard has unveiled the game’s next expansion, and it’s called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It takes inspiration from the WoW trading outpost of the same name, and it looks kind of great.

Before we get into the details, have a catchy trailer:

The expansion will see Hearthstone‘s nine classes split into three different factions, each with their own special twist. The first faction, called Grimy Goons, consists of the Hunter, Paladin and Warrior classes, while the Mage, Priest and Warlock team up to form the Kabal faction. The final faction is called Jade Lotus and includes the Druid, Rogue and Shaman.

Each faction employs a different play style. The Grimy Goons are adept at buffing minions, for example. Each faction will also be equipped with “multi-class cards”, which translates to some minions only being available to classes that are affiliated with their faction. Here’s an example: “A Grimestreet informant (a member of the Grimy Goons) can only be in Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior decks.”

Because I don’t have any idea how this game works anymore, here’s a video of someone else explaining a few of the new cards included in the expansion:

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is expected to launch in December.