QNA: What game do you love, that everybody else hates?


I know. It’s Tuesday, not Monday. What’s even going on? The thing is, yesterday I was dead I was stuck under a sleeping cat I woke up in 1908 and the internet wasn’t even invented but I got back and that’s a whole other story but it’s okay now I forgot. What’s that thing they say about being “better late than never”? It’s even better like this.

I’ll go first.

Too Human. Bonus XP if you knew that already from the screenshot up top. Silicon Knights’ sci-fi futuristic Norse mythology mashup was always going to be… complicated, and over 10 years of development, multiple delays and platform changes, one lawsuit, one counter-lawsuit, and the, uh, somewhat extravagant pre-launch hype didn’t exactly help. This was also back in the days of Zero Punctuation, though, and if Yahtzee hated a game, everybody hated it, even if they didn’t play it. Those were the rules, and Too Human didn’t have a Baldur’s chance in Helheim. That’s actually a clever joke if you played the game.

But you probably didn’t because of this.

Okay, the in-game camera was shit.

Obligatory special mention: Hellgate London. Come on, it was Diablo with guns.

You turn!