Check out Hero’s Song


Do you miss the old days of role-playing games? The kind that brutally curb-stomped your Level 1 Ranger if they dared tackle a quest slightly too challenging for them? Then maybe the next RPG by the creators of EverQuest is for you. Titled Hero’s Song, it looks highly ambitious, while also being reminiscent of classic RPGs. It recently launched via Steam Early Access.

Hero’s Song is in development at Pixelmage Games, a team comprised mostly of ex-Sony Online Entertainment developers. It’s described as a roguelike RPG, wherein players start each new game by first selecting a pantheon of gods and goddesses, and determining their overall importance. The game world is then randomly generated depending on the hierarchy of deities you select, which decides things like what playable races are available to you. The god of the underworld is a particularly exciting example of this system in action. When your character dies, they go to the underworld. Depending on which god is in control, you may be able to escape and return to life.

After choosing your pantheon, the game automatically generates 10,000 years of history. Some races may go extinct, others may war for centuries, and heroes rise and fall. From there, your character is unleashed to explore the massive world. According to Pixelmage, there isn’t exactly a main quest. Players instead take whatever quests they choose from NPCs and simply explore. Given Pixelmage’s past, it’s no surprise that Hero’s Song also has multiplayer. Players can host 25 friends in a private world, or open it up to other adventurers, with up to 100 players online at a time.

Hero’s Song is available on Steam Early Access, and currently has “mostly positive” reviews. Given that it’s unfinished, expect bugs and crashes if you give it a go for yourself.