Watch Dogs 2’s launch trailer wants us to commit civil disobedience


In case you didn’t know (probably because you were playing Titanfall 2), Watch Dogs 2 will be out on consoles next week, a full two weeks earlier than the PC version. We’re already impressed with our hands with the game, checked out the new setting, learned all about its season pass, pre-order bonuses, and its system specs, so now it’s time for a flashy launch trailer.

Along with the usual heart-pumping music, quotes about how good the game (supposedly) is, and people sauntering away from explosions that should realistically kill them, the trailer also further explains Marcus Holloway’s motivations. Oh, and maybe, just maybe takes a jab at wall enthusiasts.

“After being wrongly profiled as a criminal risk by a citywide operating system, Marcus Holloway investigates to find rampant corporate corruption and manipulation of the public,” reads the description. But I prefer the way Marcus himself puts it in the trailer: “A few years ago, this broken-ass system marked me as a criminal risk. Linked me to some shit I didn’t even do because it was probable. The amount of personal data that thing is collecting is mindblowing. Violating the public trust, manipulating the stock markets, the lies, the fraud, and… I say together, we tear down the wall.” Boom! Screw walls!

Okay, so maybe I focussed a little too much on the whole wall thing, but I just had to, man.

Watch Dogs 2 will be out on PS4 and XBO on 15 November and on 29 November on PC.