Ghost in the Shell movie trailer hits YouTube


The upcoming cinematic adaptation of Ghost in the Shell has been having a difficult time, what with controversies around whitewashing and such. Still, thousands of angry commenters haven’t stopped the film, and the first full trailer has hit YouTube. Slight warning: it features Scarlett Johansson in a skin-tight body suit, so maybe don’t watch this at work/school/church.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much of the story, but visually it’s quite spectacular and features a great cover of Enjoy the Silence. The original Ghost in the Shell is a landmark anime that inspired The Matrix, and follows members of a security agency on the hunt for an elusive criminal. It’s got cyberpunk, mechs, shootouts, all that good stuff. It’s unclear how true-to-source the film will be, but there are a few recognisable characters in the trailer.

Ghost in the Shell launches in cinemas next March.

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