Giblets: Telltale is making a Guardians of the Galaxy game


So, there’s a video game voice actor strike going on. I don’t actually know much about it, besides that it’s, like, a thing. But more importantly, a document released by the SAG-AFTRA voice actors’ union with a list of pending disputed employment contracts has inadvertently leaked something not exactly subtly titled “Guardians of the Galaxy – The Video Game aka Blue Harvest”.

Now, Telltale Games confirmed an (at the time) undisclosed deal with Marvel back in 2015, but nothing else has been announced. Even now, it’s technically a matter of speculation as the company attached to the project is one O’ Farrell Enterprises, not Telltale, but the same company also manages the voice acting contracts for the developer’s The Walking Dead game series. Since the news broke, the original list (via CBM) has been edited, and the entry replaced with the inconspicuously-conspicuous, but-too-late, we-saw-it-already-so-whatever “Untitled Marvel game”. And where there’s smoke, there’s pelvic sorcery.