Local indie developer Robot Wizard is hiring voice actors for their game Jengo


Jengo? Jengo! You know, the old skool kool episodic adventure game series by local indie developer Robot Wizard. Not the block stacking game. That’s Jenga, obviously. Or Dengaaaaah and beshidesh I never even likedd yoo anywash, Brenda, if you’re drunk. Which you would be, because only drunk people play Jenga. It’s the rules.

But enough about Jenga. Let’s talk about Jengo. And voice actors. And maybe even you.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that from today we are now ready to start planning our voice talent for Episode One,” the team sez in the press stuff. “We have included a sheet with our current character cast for the first episode, so if anyone is interested in getting involved they can watch our latest developer diary here.”

Oh, yes, the sheet. Dibs on General Backlash. What? We’ve both got boobs and that thong has to push his register up at least a million octaves. I got this, you guys.


Other things of significance:

  • Robot Wizard are looking for international dialects, so if you are British, American and Scottish (to mention a few) or really great at putting on an accent, then please make sure to include that in your audition reel.
  • If you manage to land a main character role you will need to make yourself available for all of the episodes of Jengo. This will be disclosed to you in your sign-up contract.
  • Being able to appear on camera is a plus but not crucial to you landing your role.
Game of Thrones’ final season will “surprise” viewers if you weren’t expecting everybody to die, maybe