QNA: What game was the biggest ever disappointment?

No Man's Sky

Monday, Monday, Q-N-A! Monday, Monday, Q-N-A! Monday, Monday, Q-N-A! Not Tuesday. Not this week, anyway. So sorry to… disappoint you. Get it? Because that’s the theme of today’s QNA. I’m consistent like that. Not consistently disappointing, I mean, but, um. Actually, I don’t know where exactly I’m going with this so I’ll stop now.

Let’s talk about No Man’s Sky instead. Or not, because it isn’t my biggest ever disappointment, but maybe it’s yours.

I’ll go first.

Evolve. It’s not that it was a bad game – in fact, it was, fundamentally, an exceedingly innovative and absolutely exhilarating game that was heaps of fun to play. But nobody played it. And, if you’ve ever played Evolve – but you didn’t, obviously, because nobody did – you’ll know it’s not a game you can play solo or with uncooperative teamies, which includes basically every random person in public matchmaking. Who didn’t even exist, because we’ve discussed this already.

I was so super hyped for Evolve. I remember playing it back at rAge in 2014, and gleefully roflstomping all over everybody as Goliath. It was amazing. I counted the days until it launched the next February. And then I played it for, like, a week or two and quit.

We’ll always have that one time, though.

Obligatory special mention: Aliens: Colonial Marines. I can’t even talk about it. It’s still too soon.

Your turn.

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