Possible Nintendo Switch price leaked


Got your pinch of salt handy? Keep it nearby, just in case. Potential Nintendo Switch prices have been leaked by two retailers, and the information picked up by several websites and Youtube channels. Although the price isn’t confirmed yet, it does raise a few interesting talking points.

Courtesy of WccfTech, the first potential leak comes from an online Toys ‘R’ Us Canada listing. The price is listed at CAD $329.99, which converts into roughly R3,473 locally. If that price is accurate, that makes it cheaper than a PS4, Xbox One, and even the Wii U. The listing page has since been taken down, but WccfTech nabbed a screenshot beforehand. The important bits are below, or click here for the full image.


The next piece of news comes from Let’s Play Video Games, who are citing confidential sources. According to them, UK gaming retailer GAME (not the same as our GAME) is planning to sell the Switch at £199.99 for the base model, and  £249.99 for the upgraded/elite/better-er version. Those prices convert to R3,520 and R4,400 respectively, which is quite close to the Canadian price. The more expensive model will apparently have larger internal storage, as well as a bundled game.  The same sources also report that Switch Pro Controllers are planned to sell at £39.99 (R707).

It’s worth noting that those prices are rather surprisingly cheap. The current console generation’s controllers typically sell for more than R1,000, and the systems themselves go for more than R4,000. However, this is quite close to the price of an Nvidia Shield K1, and given that Nvidia’s next-generation Tegra processor powers the Switch, we can perhaps expect similar performance.  Whether any of this is true or not is still entirely subject to speculation, as Nintendo haven’t made an announcement concerning the leaks. While you’re waiting for confirmation, be sure to check out what Chris Kemp thinks about the system, and also check out some gameplay footage that Digital Foundry captured on the Nvidia Shield console which launched in 2015. The Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017.

Sources: WccfTech / Let’s Play Video Games

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