Watch Dogs 2 players in hot coffee over nude screenshots

Watch Dogs 2 reveal a

Watch Dogs 2 is out and isn’t terrible, which is good. Not so good: players are running afoul of PlayStation’s terms and conditions by posting screenshots of the game’s graphic nudity and getting banned in the process. Goron2000, a user on NeoGAF, claims to have been temporarily suspended from PSN after he posted a screenshot of a in-game character’s genitals via Sony’s share function.

Having stumbled upon it accidentally (you know, like when you’re reading Playboy articles), he says (without correction):

“I took a picture of this funny oversight with the ingame camera and shared it on twitter for my friends to see and I posted it in one of the Watch Dogs early release threads on here. Cut to tonight where I can’t access any services while playing the game and then when I tried to sign in there was a very brief message about my account being suspended.”

I’m not going to link to the screenshots here, for obvious reasons. It shouldn’t be a surprise as Watch Dogs 2 has been appropriately rated by the ESRB and PEGI; at the time of writing, local retailer BT Games lists it on their pre-order page with an 18V rating by the FPB, although this may simply be a placeholder. Nevertheless, this is likely to blow-up given the particularly graphic nature of the nudity. There’s also the question of whether Sony is right to police the sharing of content that comes packaged in a game they allow on their platform. The Watch Dogs franchise may soon have a new iconic feather to add to Aiden’s cap.

Just show some discretion if you pick it up, a’ight? A’ight.

Source: Polygon (NSFW)