PSA: Don’t miss out on these crazy cheap Xbox One specials on Black Friday


Don’t ask how I know this, because I’m not even supposed to tell anybody about it. But, okay, so Cindy told me that Stacy said that Kelly found out from Tammy that other Kelly told her that, next Friday (and, maybe, until Monday, but you didn’t hear that from me), you’ll be able to buy a 500 GB Xbox One bundle for R3999 and a 1 TB bundle for R4999 from most major retailers around the country. And also that Kimmy kissed Chad at Abby’s birthday party, but I’m not supposed to tell anybody about that because Abby likes Chad, but I’m not supposed to tell anybody else about that either because I pinky promised.

OH. AND. OMG. The Xbox One S is coming out in early 2017. I don’t know when exactly, but probably in January. But don’t tell Kelly that Tammy told other Kelly who told Stacy that Cindy told me, because she’s still mad about Kimmy kissing Chad because she also likes him, and I’m not supposed to tell anybody about that.