You can play The Elder Scrolls Online for free, like right now


Hey, who’s super-mega amped to play Overwatch for free this weekend? I sure am! But I bet you’ll also be as hyped as I am to learn that The Elder Scrolls Online is currently free to play until Sunday (20 November) on PS4 (no PS Plus required), and Monday (21 November) on PC and Mac.

That’s right! If you’ve got a pretty clear schedule for the next four days, and are willing to take lengthy breaks from watching over things, you can explore the world of Elder Scrolls + MMO Lite.

The free trial has already kicked off and will give new players access to the entire game (minus DLC), along with 500 crowns to get the ball rolling. As usual with these things, the progress you make during the trial period will carry over if you decide to buy the game. To celebrate the free period, all versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as Crown Packs will be heftily discounted until 28 November.

Sound good? Then head on over here to learn how to sign up.

Hold up, where’s the Xbox One love? Well, according to the game’s official website, XBO owners will be getting an entire free trial period all to themselves… soon?

Source: Official game website