Giblets: Battlefield 1 now has Hardcore servers and a new game mode


It seems like only last week we first heard about this stuff, but it wasn’t. It was actually the week before that. Next to the planned “major update” (enormous list of fixes, changes, and whatever else here), Battlefield 1 has added Hardcore servers and the new “Fog of War” deathmatch multiplayer mode. One war, so many ways to die. That’s probably true for most wars, though, isn’t it? Land mines, air raids, bad peanut butter in ration packs.

The Battlefest event also started yesterday, featuring “12 days of missions, in-game activities, giveaways, and more”, happening from now until 27 November. Check out the schedule of thingies over here so you don’t miss out on… special dog tags. Eh, better than bad peanut butter, anyway.