Greetings NAGolliots, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. I’m away on a sordid sex weekend with NAG’s very own Dane Remendes, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging while I was submitting him on a sleeper couch. So then, enjoy this roundup of gaming videos from the week, with digestible chunks of news tucked in between.

Frozen Synapse was an underrated 2011 strategy game. It’s also getting a sequel in 2017 – have a look at the latest video.

Tether is a new sci-fi horror game that takes a more insidious, less in-your-face approach to creeping you out. Here’s some gameplay:

Total War Warhammer – now with Wood Elves. This new DLC arrives 8 December, and you can see the pointy-eared men in action in this video.

The guys behind BroForce have gone in a completely different direction with Genital Jousting, a Steam Early Access game that is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This is NSFW in every way.

Titanfall 2 kicks ass, obviously, but one of the enemies seems better at foiling their own plans than messing with yours. Check this out:

Do you want to see a PS4 Pro meticulously taken apart by an Asian man? Of course you do.

Last week an awesome video came out of all the Overwatch voice actors doing their thing at Blizzcon. Someone turned that into an even better video.

Watch Dogs 2 had a “leaked” trailer buried in it – but it turns out it’s for an actual game. A Ubisoft game called Pioneer that was only supposed to be announced in 2017. Below is the video in question.

Torment: Tides of Numenera has been flying under the radar in spite of an upcoming 2017 release. The slow-burn marketing continues however, with this look at the game’s Nano class.

In a particularly stale videogame industry, upcoming horror title Driving Survival actually looks pretty original. Check out these mildly terrifying gameplay trailers.

More stuff like this: