QNA: What’s the most morally questionable thing you’ve done in a video game?


Or “what about that one time you locked a bunch of Sims inside a house, and watched them descend, shrieking, into the murky abyss of madness (and their own urine)”. Wait, no. That was me. Don’t look at me like that. This was totally legitimate scientific work.

I’ll go first.

The Sims 4. I mean, the entire series is basically a Nazi experiment simulator. They just don’t put that on the box, because “Nazi Experiment Simulator” didn’t score well with the marketing focus groups. But everybody knows. Unshackled from the ponderous burdens of so-called “ethics”, “principles”, and “medical licence suspension”, players are free to conduct audacious and innovative experiments where excruciating death isn’t necessarily a failure. More like an interesting observation.

Now, Subject B has vacated his bladder on Subject F’s corpse, and apparently prompted similar physiological responses in Subjects A and E. That’s interesting too.

It’s hard to choose the one “most morally questionable” thing from the whole scenario, but refusing to let anybody fix the blocked toilet was probably the catalyst for, um, everything else that happened later – including a lot of ruined carpets and three deaths – so let’s go with that.

Your turn.