Overwatch’s Symmetra is getting a second ultimate, isn’t terrible anymore


I’ve only ever played Overwatch during its open beta, and more recently during the free weekend a few days ago. I still can’t seem to decide whether or not I absolutely must buy it, but that’s probably because with each match I’m either utterly hopeless or on top of the world. The times when I’m most hopeless, I’m usually playing as Symmetra.

And it seems like I’m not the only one. Blizzard recently announced that the character is about to get a whole lot more viable thanks to a reworked weapon and abilities, as well as a second ultimate ability that makes her somewhat less “situational.”

The news comes courtesy of a new Developer Update video wherein the game’s lead designer Jeff Kaplan explains some of the Symmetra changes that will be put into effect soon.

Excited? You should be.

One of the main reasons why Symmetra is rarely picked, especially during later stages of matches, is because of her Teleporter ultimate. While it can certainly be a huge advantage for attacking players, or even defending players when the objective is across the map, it’s near useless when the objective is located close to the spawn. This is where Symmetra’s second ultimate ability will come into play.

It’s called Shield Generator, which is “a built object, just like the Teleporter, but it puts a very substantial shield, more than her old shields, on all of her teammates in a very big radius.” Kaplan also explains that as long as the shield generator is active and hidden somewhere safe, it’ll continuously apply shields to any allies in the area regardless of line of sight.

But that’s not all! Symmetra’s old Photon Shield ability (which was used to actively apply shields to her allies) has been switched out for a new ability called Photon Barrier. The ability is a barrier much like the ones created by Winston and Reinhardt, only it’s “projected on a track of movement.” Which means that it’ll move in a straight line, encouraging your team to get in line and move along with it. You can see that, as well as her new ultimate ability in action below.

As you’ll also notice in the video above, Symmetra’s weapon has also been treated to nice little boost, and if you look closely, she’s also been given more Sentry Turret charges. MORE TURRETS!

Beefed up Symmetra is currently available in the game’s PTR if you want to try her out before she inevitably gets nerfed when the new update goes live for everyone.