LEGO City Undercover going multiprecinct


I wanted a funnier headline, I really really did. Problem is, the name of the game is just a little too long, so I couldn’t make any cop jokes. I wanted something like: “LEGO City Undercover gets its badge and gun, going multiplatform”, or “LEGO City Undercover busting perps multiplatform style” or “LEGO City Undercover is a grizzled cop on the edge, one day from retirement, too old for this, about to crack the case that has haunted it for its entire career, going multiplatform.” You know, something like that. [But you didn’t think to swap “multiplatform” with “multiprecinct”? Tsk. – Ed]

You’ve probably figured out by now that Nintendo Wii U launch title LEGO City Undercover will be released for other consoles. The announcement came via LEGO’s Twitter feed, which said:

At launch, LEGO City Undercover stood apart from the either LEGO titles, offering an open-world experience and an original story. The comments below the Tweet go into a little more detail, revealing that the game will be a re-release, and announcing a PC version as well. The comments also mentioned that more information will be revealed soon, which means they’re likely building up to something. Obligatory LEGO joke completed, I’ll just see myself out…