New study finds that female gamers on Twitch get more comments about what they look like than what they’re playing


In the news that shocked the world today, a study by Indiana University Network Science Institute in America that analysed more than one 70 million Twitch comments over a two month period has revealed that public interactions with women and men are not exactly… equal.

According to the report, female streamers get comments about their appearance, and male streamers about the actual game. I assume somebody has already called CNN.

Some of the most common words in women’s chat channels were (cringe) “boobs”, “hot”, “omg”, “smile”, and “babe”. For the guys, it’s “leaderboards”, “melee”, “shields”, “glitch”, and “reset”. I did a word search through the whole document, and “dicks or gtfo” isn’t in it. The non-gender specific “poopbutt” is, though, so that’s probably some progress.

“Our results indicate that female channels are characterized by words about physical appearance, the body, relationships, and greetings while male channels are characterized by game-related words. Male channels are also associated with many uncommon words, suggesting that the male channel chats are more diverse while the content in female channels share common words that signal objectification,” the study explains. “In sum, both our exploratory analysis and classification exercise suggests that the answer to our first main research question — ‘are the chat messages that streamers receive gendered?’ — is ‘yes’.”

I mean, most women who play games online could have told you this, but now that a bunch of men have written an academic paper about it, maybe it’s actually real.

Via Motherboard.