QNA: What game haven’t you finished even though you really, really, really should?


SKYRIM. MINE IS SKYRIM. I couldn’t even get out a proper intro because this has weighed so heavily upon my conscience for five years. And now, like a drunk heaving over a toilet at 2AM on a Tuesday morning, I am unburdened of this terrible shame. Kind of. I mean, I still haven’t finished it, but confession is already halfway to absolution and it’s not like I’m going to finish that either.

And I’m probably not the only one. Has anybody actually finished Skyrim? I don’t think it even has an ending, just more caves and mudcrabs and instantly regrettable trips and tumbles down entire mountains. And, you know, lots of walking around doing nothing.

Not now, destiny. I'm busy.
Not now, destiny. I’m busy.

I’ve considered buying Skyrim Special Edition for Xbox One so I can finish it, but… I won’t finish it. It’s a matter of principle at this point.

Obligatory special mention: FTL. Not because I don’t haven’t tried, but because I can’t. I’m totally rubbish at that game.

Your turn.