Ubisoft getting into holiday spirit with free stuff


Did any of you ever own an advent calendar? It’s basically a countdown timer to Christmas with treats packaged inside it, and every day you open up a flap to consume the candy. Personally I’ve never seen the point in them – I’m always so excited for Christmas that I know exactly how long it is until the big day, and chocolate doesn’t last more than a few hours in my presence. Anyway, Ubisoft is running a “30 Days of Giveaways” promotion in the same vein as an advent calendar, hit the jump for more.

Here’s how it works: head over to the promotion’s website and log into your Ubisoft account. Then just click on a gift box to see if you can redeem it. The promotion began five days ago, but most of the older items can still be redeemed. It’s currently a mixed bag of stuff; Day One included a free download of the original Rayman for mobile devices, but the others are mostly just artwork and downloadable posters. According to the FAQ, some offers will be in limited numbers and distributed on a first come, first serve basis, so that may hint towards more free games. You are able to redeem items from previous days too, so long as they aren’t time-sensitive, or have run out.

Regardless, it’s all free, so it’s worth checking out before the promotion ends on 23 December.

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