You’ll die die die for Blizzard’s new Overwatch Reaper collectible


Murderously sexy? Sure, why not. Look at those GUNS!

Following the massive success of Blizzard’s first premium Overwatch statue, which of course featured Tracer, the developer has decided to add an insanely detailed statue of everyone’s favourite little blossom of death to the collection. That’s right, Reaper as you’ve never seen him before: standing still long enough so I can snipe his slippery ass. Hit the jump for a flashy (trailer?) trailer.

The polystone statue stands at 12 inches tall, is designed and hand-sculpted by senior sculptor Brian Fay of Blizzard, and gloriously captures Reaper mid-ultimate.  It’s really quite the thing. “Death comes for all,” at a hefty price tag of $150 (around R2106), and the first wave of shipments is expected during the first quarter of 2017, with the second shipment “before the end of Q3 2017.”

You can check out the store page here for more details. But first, have a statue trailer, because that’s totally a thing.