LEGO Worlds gets launch date, bonus console versions


It’s been available on Steam Early Access since June 2015, but LEGO Worlds is now blockbustin’ out for real-real on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on 24 February 2017. Somewhat similar to Minecraft, the game features procedurally generated 3D environments and a limitless box of LEGO bricks, and not just the grotty two-stud green ones that totally don’t work on a space pirate ship. Everybody knows grey, white, and yellow are space pirate ship colours.

“In LEGO Worlds, players will go on an exciting journey to become a Master Builder, in an open-world made completely of LEGO-built environments,” explains TT Games’ head of production Jonathan Smith in the press stuff. “Whether customising characters, exploring in vehicles, building structures, or discovering an expansive range of items, characters and creatures throughout the worlds, there’s the freedom to create anything imaginable.”

I think my inner child just exploded.