Watch The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition unboxing


Wow, The Last Guardian is almost out. I truly didn’t think I would see the day. In an adorable video on the PlayStation Blog, Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida and social media director Sid Shuman take a look inside the Collector’s Edition for the game, and show off what’s inside.

Now, I say “adorable” because Yoshida’s massive level of excitement keeps shining through, because he’s clearly just as excited as gamers are to see this game finally hit shelves. Anyway, if you can’t watch the below video, the Collector’s Edition comes with a steelbook cover for the game; the soundtrack; an artbook; cute stickers; and a highly detailed statue of the player character and the sleeping Trico (who is totally going to die, you just know it, and you’ll bawl your eyes out).