Gears of War 4 is testing PC and Xbox One competitive multiplayer crossplay this weekend


TWO TEAMS. ONE WINNER. I mean, that’s how most Gears of War 4 games go, but PC versus console is the royalest rumbliest of them all, and IT. IS. ON. LIKE. A. HAMMER. OF. DAWN.

… It kind of rhymes, okay.

Anyway, PC and console crossplay has been available in Gears of War 4‘s private and co-op games and since launch already, but now The Coalition is flipping the switch for competitive multiplayer. Mostly to see what happens. For science.

“This test is being conducted to evaluate the potential of a more permanent Crossplay solution in the future to allow Windows 10 and Xbox One gamers to play together in Versus outside of Private Matches,” community manager TC Octus explains on the game’s forum.

“The purpose of this weekend is to give Crossplay a trial run in a public playlist. We care deeply about players on both platforms and we’ve heard you, so our goal is to use this event to bring in a ton of data and listen to feedback from players on both platforms to examine the results.”

Actually, I was playing with the mob at Xbox Playdates ZA last night, and one of the guys was on PC. He killed me loads with the EMBAR, but he didn’t totally dominate the game – Gears of War 4 is a more up-close-and-personal-with-exploding-gibs sort of thing, with most maps shutting out snipers by design with obstacles and limited verticality. So it’s going to be super interesting to see how this works out. It might not be what you expect.

For this test, The Coalition is dropping a new special social playlist including Team Deathmatch, Dodgeball, King of the Hill, with bonus XP as an added incentive, from tomorrow until Monday. Get revved.

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