Here are your PS Plus games for December


Welcome to December, the month of free stuff. Well, it’s also the month of giving, and awkward family dinners, and horrific road accident figures, but let’s ignore all that because we’re straying off topic. On the subject of free stuff, PlayStation has just announced their December line-up of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Sadly none of them are actually Christmas themed, so maybe they’re slightly missing the point.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the headlining PS4 games are cyberpunk turn-based stealth game Invisible Inc. Console Edition  and Stories: Path of Destinies, an action game where every single choice impacts the world in a big way. PS3 users get trippy space shooter Hyper Void and top-down shooter Tiny Troopers Joint Ops. PS Vita gamers get Color Guardians, a platformer that plays with colours, and VVVVVV , a platformer that plays with gravity. It’s worth pointing out out that Tiny Troopers and Color Guardians are both Cross-Buy enabled, letting you play them on PS4 as well.

UPDATE: Patch incoming for Destiny’s awful loot system