South Africa is getting local Battlefield servers next year


So, this is a thing that’s actually happening. According to a press release in my inbox this morning, DICE is deploying its own official game servers in the Middle East, Hong Kong, and South Africa sometime in “early 2017”.

The lack of regional servers was a point of some contention in Michael’s review of Battlefield 1, although as I smugly reminded everybody in the comments, “a lot of local gamers grossly overestimate South Africa’s importance in the global market”. I’m eating humble pie for breakfast today, but it’s okay because it’s pie. Who doesn’t like pie? Mmm, pie.

“These are but the first steps in our ongoing effort to keep supporting Battlefield 1 and our community,” said server producer Alexander Hassoon. “Thank you very much for your feedback, we are listening.”


It’s not exactly clear for the moment whether these servers will support PC or console or what, although I’m not sure there’s even much difference in implementation these days. But I know basically nothing about how servers work so maybe (… probably) I’m totally wrong.