WIN: one of five Underworld: Blood Wars hampers


Underworld: Blood Wars opens in cinemas on 2 December. That’s tomorrow! I don’t remember much about the Underworld franchise, but I know it stars Kate Beckinsale as a vampire doing assorted vampire things. There are other vampires too, and also some werewolves. It’s a whole vampires/werewolves thing, and there’s lots of drama and shooting and shouting and ludicrous blue eyes and stuff. EXCITING!

To celebrate the launch of the new film, we’ve got our hands on five Underworld: Blood Wars hampers to offer you the chance to win. It’s jam-packed full of sweet, sweet goodies. If you fancy the chance to win one of ’em, follow me below for more details.

In the hamper you’ll find these Free Things: a T-shirt, DVDs containing each of the previous four films, and a mini Bluetooth speaker. Pretty sweet deal, ‘ey? I’d love to show you photos so you can get an idea of what you’ll be winning, but unfortunately the images we received are disappointingly low-res. You’ll have to use your imagination, and trust me when I say it’s all Quite Nice.

In other news, how is it that there’s already been FOUR Underworld movies before Blood Wars? Who knew! I sure as hell didn’t.

To get yourself in the running to win one of the hampers, leave us a comment below. To get you pumped up for the film, have a look at this trailer. I watched it without sound and made up the dialogue in my head. I doubt I did a great job of it, so unless this is a movie about Kate Beckinsale being upset that Tywin Lannister’s dog keeps chewing her shoes, I’m fairly certain I’m almost completely clueless as to what’s actually going on. It sure is preeetty to look at though.

Zombies were people too