Death Stranding teaser trailer launched, is weird


Let me clarify. By “weird”, I mean “as weird as you would expect from Hideo Kojima”. The legendary game director’s next title was announced at E3 2016 to great hype and confusion, and made history by finally bringing massive ecological disasters and Norman Reedus’s buttcheeks together. As part of The Game Awards 2016, another trailer was released. It’s… quite odd, but you should give it a watch.

If you didn’t watch it, the trailer sees an impressively rendered Guillermo del Toro smuggling a baby through a war-torn city. Some weird stuff happens, there’s lots of dead marine life, and it’s all quite creepy. Speaking of creepy, Mads Mikkelsen shows up near the end, and he’s almost definitely the villain. Nothing in the way of gameplay is showed, but the art style and aesthetic is quite apparent. There’s a mix of World War II and modern weaponry, and the vehicles are a delightfully disgusting mashup of mechanical and organic.

The last time Death Stranding details came from the Tokyo Game Show, when Kojima revealed that the game would be an open-world action, with multiplayer elements. Whether or not Norman Reedus will be nude for the entire game hasn’t been revealed yet.