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Greetings NAGutios, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have a big film director giving a big game studio the big finger, Mass Effect Andromeda causes concerns with a new trailer, Xbox One finally has something to be smug about, veteran devs form a new studio and announce a new game (twice), Telltale announces their new series and a long-standing fan project is ordered to go offline. All that, videos, highlights from the week and Schrodinger’s cat, after the jump.

Del Toro gives Konami the finger

Film director and videogame dabbler Guillermo del Toro had some choice words for Konami following the Game Awards.

After seeing Kojima showing off the trailer for his new game Death Stranding, del Toro felt inspired to tweet out “F*CK KONAMI” with a link to the new trailer, as well as “VIVA KOJIMA”. He followed up that one-two punch with this: “Konami cancelling SH after PT is one of the most moronic things I’ve ever witnessed.”

On that point, I think I can agree. Speculation still runs rampant over how much, if any, involvement Del Toro has had in Kojima’s next game, especially since a dude who looks just like him appeared to be in the latest trailer. It’s also all really weird, which seems to be Del Toro’s brand.

Mass Effect: Andromeda animations aren’t as bad as they look

Well, they are, they’re just not done yet. Andromeda was the trailer everyone was waiting for at the Game Awards, but afterwards people were a little concerned that things didn’t look quite as good as they should – specifically the facial animations.

After a fan voiced concerns on Twitter, developers promised that they’re still being worked on, and that the game will be polished “until they take it from our cold, dead hands”.

Part of the issue could be that the faces are completely customisable in this game – or maybe it’s just that polish. I’d take a lack of polish if it means I can craft my face to look like Trump.

Xbox One outperforms Sony on Black Friday

According to a new report from Adobe, who I didn’t know did reports in general, the Xbox One sold more consoles in the US on Black Friday than Sony did. This might not seem like a big deal, but remember Black Friday only sucks ass here.

So what does it mean? Well not all that much apparently, since the PS4 apparently outsold Xbox One overall in November. It does mean the race is tighter than it used to be perhaps, and Microsoft has certainly been gaining ground steadily for months now.

The real showdown will occur when the Scorpio drops, which is set to be a fair bit beefier than the PS4 Pro and hand the performance crown back to Microsoft.

Cocky bastard.
Cocky bastard.

Former DICE and Ubisoft devs announce Games of Glory

A small studio with some veteran coders called Lightbulb Crew has announced a top-down, multiplayer team shooter for PS4 and PC.

Players can choose between 15 characters across five general classes, each with different skills. There’s a variety of guns and melee weapons to choose from as well and games will be either 3v3 or 5v5 and wait a goshdarn minute is this DotA?

Is someone trying to sneak another DotA clone past us? Are we just going to start calling them “top-down multiplayer shooters” now? I’ll give it the benefit doubt for now, but I’ve got my eye on you, Lightbulb Crew.

Telltale are making a Guardians of the Galaxy series

Professional story-driven-thing-split-over-multiple-games makers Telltale have announced the setting for their next game is Guardians of the Galaxy. It’ll be a five parter, available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices. So, everything except whatever Nintendo makes.

It’s unclear at this point whether it’ll be based on the comics or the movies, but the smart money is on the latter. Or is  there even a difference? Somewhere some comic book fans’ heads are exploding right now. I’m sorry, guys.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Former BioWare and Blizzard devs announce new game

Are you getting déjà vu? The proper nouns have changed, but same deal – a group of veteran developers have formed a small indie studio (this one called Phoenix Labs) and announced a new game.

This time it’s Dauntless, a PC online co-op action RPG which is set in an “untamed science-fantasy world”. You’ll be some kind of badass called a Slayer battling against other badass creatures called Behemoth.

Here’s the official blurb: “The world of Dauntless has been shattered by a cataclysmic event, creating a vast array of uncharted and majestic floating islands. Behemoths, as cunning as they are vicious, consume the land, and it’s up to the Slayers to hunt them down before they destroy what remains of the world.”

As for feel, the studio says it takes its inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and World of Warcraft. Seems legit.

Fan-made Doom spin-off has been issued a take-down by ZeniMax

No surprises here, right? A Doom rogue-like spin-off made by a fan has been ordered to get it off the interwebs by big corporate owner of said trademark.

It’s a story as old as the ages, but this one has a twist – this particular fan project, called DoomRL, has been going since 2002. For those of you following along at home, that’s 14 years.

So why now is this an issue? The tinfoil hats have decided that it’s because the developer is currently mid-Kickstarter on a project called Jupiter Hell, which is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike that takes it’s inspiration from DoomRL and Doom in general.

Ironically, as per the Barbra Streisand Effect, this will probably bring even more attention to the Kickstarter. The little man wins again!

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Holy crap, Full Throttle is getting a remaster? Why did nobody tell me this? Or did they? This is easily one of the best adventure games I played growing up. Hype.

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