QNA: What game are you most hyped about for 2017?


How is it almost the end of the year already, anyway? I swear it was January, like, two weeks ago. No problem, though, because my holiday starts next Friday, and I’ve no doubt the time in between now and then will make up for it by lasting approximately 12 months on its own. So, all that stuff I wanted to get done in 2016? I’ve still got time.

… But, nah, I’m probably not getting it done. Besides, I’ve got a whole new year to do it in. Or not do it. Consistency matters too.

So, what game are you most hyped about for 2017? I’ll go first.

Mass Effect: Andromeda. Obviously, this is the only correct answer. And not just because it’s got jetpacks, but that too, and also because it’s set 600 years after the events of the first trilogy, so I know Miranda is almost definitely dead. I didn’t manage to kill her in the second or third game, despite no lack of trying, but unless she’s managed to digitise her consciousness and transcend the inevitable decay of mortality somehow, she’s in Hell with Ashley where she belongs.

But with more shrieking and fire and eternal torment and whatever.

So that’s already a hot start to this one.

Your turn.