The Last of Us fans have a controversial theory about the sequel


The trailer’s been out only three days, but fans of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic disease control simulator are already speculating about something in the sequel. Something that, if it’s for real, could be A PLOT SPOILER OF PANDEMIC PROPORTIONS. So don’t click through this unless you really, really, really want to know what it is. Because I didn’t, but I was browsing my news feeds and it was right there. I should get hazard bonuses for this.

Okay, you made it. We’re in this together now. You know, like Joel and Ellie.

But what if Joel is dead? At the end of The Last of Us, Joel saves Ellie from the rebel militia Fireflies, who wanted to remove part of her brain for their research – a procedure that would have killed her. The trailer for The Last of Us: Part II opens with a camera pan of some woodsy scenery and – this is important, maybe – a Firefly logo on a busted stop sign. So those guys are presumably still around, and it’s, uh, not like Joel asked nicely to get Ellie back from them.

In the trailer, we see Ellie looking like she’s been through some stuff. There’s blood and a lot of dead bodies and a man. Is it Joel? We don’t actually see his face – this is also important, maybe – but it’s probably Joel. The thing is…

And, I mean, that could totally work. We know that Ellie is the playable character this time, but Naughty Dog has confirmed that Joel is also in the game, but also that “this is a story about hate”. So that’s intriguing.

“I’m going to find them,” Ellie tells the guy in the trailer. “And I’m going to kill every last one of them.”

Revenge for Joel’s murder? Or he’s still alive and somebody stole their beans. I dunno, but over on the game’s subreddit, there’s a lot of inevitable arguing about what’s going on. Also, this.

“I mean, come on, do you guys really think Naughty Dog would use such a cliche to draw out emotion from the fans?” asks user crs_ms. “If I’m not mistaken they even said that they wouldn’t use such a tactic to tell a story. Them killing Joel and making Ellie go after his killers is just a cheap and predictable story plot, which is way bellow [sic] the Naughty Dog standard.”

I want to believe that, over at Naughty Dog HQ, there’s an emergency meeting happening to discuss rewriting the whole plot, because somebody on the internet thinks it’s “cheap and predictable”.

Via Polygon.