Check out Tales from the Loop, a pen-and-paper RPG

While trawling through Kickstarter’s games section, I came across a project that looks really promising, and resonated strongly with me. It’s called Tales from the Loop, and it’s basically a Stranger Things RPG with mechs and quantum mechanics. Roll for initiative and read on.

The game is fully funded with more than two million Swedish Krona in pledges. It’s being published by Free League, who’ve produced several other successful and award-winning RPGs before. The eye-grabbing art is from Simon Stålenhag, and his Tumblr page is certainly worth a visit.

Tales from the Loop takes place in an alternate-history Sweden, after the construction of a particle accelerator called The Loop. After something inevitably goes wrong, weird things start happening, most often with dinosaurs or advanced robots as the culprits. Players embody a group of teenagers who must solve local mysteries (the game’s version of quests), while also balancing their normal lives. It looks to take full advantage of its unique setting, and playable classes include recognisable stereotypes such as Bookworm, Trouble Maker, and Popular Kid. Given that the campaign was such a success and met all its stretch goals, additional scenarios and missions set in America will feature too.

The Kickstarter page doesn’t detail what kind of skills the rules will include (I assume that bike-riding and slingshot marksmanship will feature), but the art style and premise make this a winner in my book. Also, the campaign promises that anyone who pledges 200 SEK or more (roughly R300) will receive the Tales from the Loop beta core rule book PDF before Christmas. Pledges for the physical edition will be shipped worldwide at no extra cost, and the game is due for release in February 2017.