Sniper Elite 4 sets sights on Italy


The Italian campaign is largely ignored in World War II video games, what with D-Day and other iconic European battles getting all the attention. Well, that’s set to change with Sniper Elite 4, which takes the series to the Mediterranean.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Colin Harvey, the game’s narrative director, outlined the plot and setting of Sniper Elite 4. It takes place in 1943, right before the Allied forces invade Italy, and series protagonist Karl Fairburne is tasked with eliminating key targets before the big push. A lot of thought clearly went into choosing the setting, as fascist Italy was going through a great deal of turmoil at that time. Famine, outbreaks of typhus, and protests against Mussolini’s regime set the scene.

The game will feature “maps at least three times bigger than those of Sniper Elite 3” and a number of factions to accept missions from. These include the local resistance, the mafia, and the SOE and OSS, Britain and America’s intelligence divisions. How you complete missions and interact with these groups affects the gameplay and the story. Here’s a trailer detailing the game’s Italian backdrop:

Sniper Elite 4 launches on PC, PS4 and XBO on 14 February 2017.