This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]

I’m going away this weekend to the land of no internet and maybe-electricity, but I didn’t want to leave you guys weeping at your computer on a Saturday morning wondering why the world is such a dark and cruel place. I got your back, bros and brosettes. In easy-to-digest form then, follow the jump for what’s been happening this week.

Not sure when or how it happened, but Conan is like the new zombies. Check out Conan Exiles.

Battlefield 1 is cool and call, but it’s really been missing a crossbow that shoots grenades. Enter “Giant’s Shadow”.

VR is trying desperately to be a thing, and now you can be an artist in it too. This particular art piece was created in Quill, a VR painting tool. Check out what it can do.

Oh look, another MOBA. Or MOBA-like thing. Will this one be the one to succeed? Probably not, but have a look anyway at the Gigantic Open Beta.

Crash Bandicoot got a remaster? Why did nobody tell me this? See how it compares to the original below.

Eurogamer is weirdly into cooking recipes they find in games recently. They’re not good, but they are entertaining – here then are some mirelurk cakes.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is a pretty ambitious isometric RPG that has flown under the radar. Here’s a short teaser to give you a look.

For something a little meatier, check out this 18 minute gameplay video of Total War: Warhammer‘s elves.

Have you seen these Resident Evil 7 gameplay videos yet? Creepy stuff.

Are you ready for a POKE-CONSPIRACY? Of course you are.