Dota 2’s incoming 7.00 update adds a new hero, new HUD, new features, new everything

Now, I haven’t played Dota 2 since, like, forever, and I was totally rubbish at it anyway so I can’t even pretend to know what I’m talking about. But it looks like this update changes the game completely. Good thing? Bad thing? Worst thing in the history of things, including me at Dota 2? I’ve no doubt other people who actually know what they’re talking about will have plenty to say about it one way or the other, but in the meantime, here’s what’s what.

“The story of Dota is one of constant evolution, a history of growth immortalized in the battles waged by millions of players around the world,” reads the blurb. “Now, the time for the next entry in this epic tale has come. Today we begin: The New Journey.”

There’s so much stuff in this update that Valve has launched a whole website hub about it. The marquee headliner is obviously the new melee carry Monkey King Sun Wukong hero, but there’s also a HUD revamp, new game features including talent trees and a lot of adjustments to characters, items, and maps, plus custom bots, redesigned models, and some visual enhancements.

It’s out sometime today, apparently.