For Honor’s closed beta signups are live with a new story trailer

For Honor looks set to be one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious titles ever, and from what I could gather from my time with the demo at rAge earlier this year, one of the most exciting. Check out Matt’s hands-on impression here.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to check out the game at rAge, it seems that (if you’re lucky enough) you’ll get another shot next month when For Honor enters closed beta. And just to whet your appetite a little, Ubisoft recently uploaded a new trailer that fleshes out the game’s campaign, and it’s really dramatic and cool and stuff. Beta details and trailer below.

In a press release by Ubisoft yesterday, the developer announced that For Honor‘s closed beta will go live sometime in January 2017. You can sign up for it right here.

Along with that announcement, the press blurb also revealed something called War of the Factions, which is “a pre-launch limited time event that will answer the question: When the mighty Vikings, Samurai, and Knights finally collide on the same battlefield… who will reign supreme?” You can learn all about that here.

Now, for that story trailer, which Ubisoft says will explain why “these brave heroes have gone to war with one another.” The trailer also introduces the game’s main antagonist named Apollyon, “who seeks to incite war amongst the various factions.”

For Honor is expected to launch on 14 February next year, and will do so on PC, PS4, and XBO. Oh, and it’s also an “always online” title, in case you were wondering.

Source: Ubisoft, Gamasutra