You really need to watch this Doom documentary

This year’s revamped Doom is probably one of my favourite games ever made. It almost perfectly captured what made the original games so endearing, while still looking and feeling refreshingly new. The fast-paced combat, the ridiculousness, the self-awareness, and that soundtrack, man. So good.

But it wasn’t always like that, reveals a new documentary by Noclip called DOOM Resurrected. The three-part documentary delves into the development of the game as well as the many twists and turns that went along with it.

In part one, the documentary explores what the game could have been, and what prompted the switch from “Call of Doom” to the game we now know and love. It also includes enlightening interviews with some of the id Software minds responsible for the fantastic reboot.

Part two focuses on the thought and design behind the game’s heart-pumping opening level, and the developer’s decision to skimp on Doom‘s story in favour of more fun, fast-paced, engaging combat.

While part three revolves around some of the core design details of the game such as level design, weapons, setting, and combat complexities, the most exciting part (to me at least) is a look at the game’s perfect soundtrack and an interview with composer Mick Gordon. Gordon talks about the creative process behind coming up with a soundtrack that stays true to the source material, but with a modern flare and style that ties everything together.

Doom is available on PC, PS4, and XBO. Emperor Dane reviewed it back in June, and he gave it an impressive 90. If you like the game and like having fun, you should also check out Bethesda Pinball.

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