NAG Online is all mine!

What’s up, plebians? Due to an incredible lapse in judgement, overlord Dane is letting me run wild this December (and during the first week of January). It sounds a lot cooler than it is, but you don’t need to know that. What you do need to know is that Dane will be off doing XXX-level stuff throughout December, Tarryn plans to drink gin in a pool (presumably filled with blood), and the rest of the people who actually know what they’re doing here are off doing holiday things.

This means there’s no one here to make sure I don’t burn it all to the ground. I mean, I don’t plan on doing anything like that, but if I did, no one could stop me. Just saying. Anyway, I’ll try to keep NAG Online stuffed with bite-sized content over the next three weeks, but if I screw up somewhere, don’t tell Dane (or anyone else, but mostly Dane). Tank out.

Netflix cancels Norsemen and this is the wørst thing that’s happened in 2020