Giblets: The live-action Naruto movie is still a thing, Masashi Kishimoto has signed on to aid production

Pictured: a steaming pile of excrement, also, not the live-action Naruto movie.

I’ve never watched Naruto. There, I’ve said it. But I really do plan on getting into it, I’m just currently 500 episodes into One Piece, and I don’t have time for another massive anime right now. Another thing I can’t get into right now (or ever) are live-action anime adaptations, which is just great because it looks like the one centred on Naruto is still alive and kicking.

The film is being made by Lionsgate (responsible for the absolutely incredible Dragonball Evolution) and will be directed by Michael Gracey. Doesn’t sound too promising, I know, but at least Lionsgate seems to have learned from past mistakes, and has secured Naruto‘s creator Masashi Kishimoto’s assistance with production.

Thanks, ANN!