Battlefield 1’s first DLC is called They Shall Not Pass, adds the French

Battlefield 1 is a hell of a thing. It’s also a thing I don’t own a copy of, and I’m super bummed about it. Maybe I’ll get it for Xmas, who knows? But I digress.

Battlefield 1‘s first big expansion, officially titled They Shall Not Pass, has been detailed over on the game’s official site. The DLC will include the usual new weapons and maps, as well as a new faction in the form of the French Army, and will “truly expand the theater of all-out war.” More details some glorious concept art after the jump.

They Shall Not Pass is expected to release sometime in March next year (2017), and while DICE isn’t big on details just yet, a post on the official Battlefield blog should give players an idea of what the developer is working on. The blurb includes concept exploration images of the maps that will be included in the expansion, as well as a quick summary of what inspired them.